2021 Pro-Ams

Please read the rules and information below.

  • Players age 18+ with a current GHIN handicap are eligible to play in Pro-Am events.
  • Men & Ladies are welcome to play in all events.
  • Members enter the lottery with the understanding that dress codes and pace of play policies are strictly enforced at these events.  For reference, an acceptable pace of play means that you should regularly complete 18 holes at Linden in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes.  Having a great time and keeping up with the group ahead are not mutually exclusive!
  • All names will be drawn on a random basis.
  • When your name is drawn, you will be placed in your highest remaining priority request.  Once your name is on the board, you must wait 2 weeks to sign up for more events, except in the case of last-minute fill-ins.  During this 2-week period, anyone else not on the board may sign up.  All restrictions will be lifted on Monday, March 15. 
  • Entry fee includes golf and competition fees and is due at least 1 week prior to Pro-Am event.  Please pay the your professional via cash or check. 
  • If you must cancel out of an event, please do so at your earliest opportunity.  If spots go unfilled, the professional incurs a fine or the entry fee comes out of their pocket.  Please help us avoid these situations.
  • Power carts are optional and not included in entry fees.
  • Please submit your request with top four prioritized event choices.  Requests must be submitted prior to Sunday, February 28.  You can drop off a written request to the Pro Shop or send an email to lindenproshop@outlook.com.
    • Your request should include:
      • Member Name:
      • Cell Phone:
      • 1st Priority Course & Time:
      • 2nd Priority Course & Time:
      • 3rd Priority Course & Time:
      • 4th Priority Course & Time: