All players are required to check into the Pro Shop before teeing off. This is for your safety as well as to ensure the best operation of the golf course. Do not change position on the golf course if it will interfere with other players who have the right-of-way. Dogs are not allowed on the course or in the clubhouse.

1st Tee Procedure: A group making the turn generally has priority. During busy periods, turning groups and new groups teeing off shall alternate. Please be ready to play when it is your turn to do so. Foursomes are preferred and members are encouraged to join one another during busy periods. *Fivesomes are discouraged during busy periods.  All fivesomes must make way for faster groups.*

Hand Carts: Hand carts are not allowed on putting greens, or between bunkers and greens.

Power Carts: Power carts shall stay off grass mown to approach height or less.  Your cart should never be nearer than 30 feet from any putting green. Please use all reasonable care to keep from tearing up the grounds by turning, stopping, or accelerating too quickly. The daily cart rules will be determined at the Superintendent’s discretion and posted at the Pro Shop.

Course Care: Please replace divots using provided sand bottles. We have sand bottles and sand barrels located on holes 1, 4, 7, and 8. Please make it a habit to fill your divot and one extra each time you play a shot.

Always repair your ball marks on the greens with a proper repair tool. Complimentary repair tools are available in the Pro Shop. We can also give you tips to properly fix your ball mark.

Please rake the bunker neatly after playing your shot. Place the rake inside the bunker with the handle pointing towards the tee box.

Sunflower seeds are not permitted on the golf course.  Please dispose of your cigarette & cigar butts properly.

Pace of play: Play ready golf and keep up with the group in front of you at all times. Here are a few tips so you can play faster rounds of golf without rushing things:

  • Pay attention to your group and advance directly to your golf ball when safe to do so.
  • Bring the club you think you need, plus one less and one more.  If it looks like a 5 iron shot, also bring your 4 & 6 irons.
  • Be ready to play your shot when it is your turn. Prepare to play your shot while your partners are hitting theirs.
  • Play the appropriate tees. There is no shame in having more fun playing shorter tees!
  • When you get to the green, leave your clubs on the way to the next teeing area.
  • Write down your scores after you leave the putting green.
  • Once you have holed out, head to the next tee and keep playing without delay.

Dress Code:

Members and guests must wear proper golf attire that is neat, clean and in good condition.

The following articles are not allowed at Linden Golf & Country Club:

  • Short shorts and skirts less than mid-thigh length
  • Halter and strapless tops
  • Cutoff shorts and tank tops
  • Bib overalls
  • Work clothes, sweats, tee shirts, exercise suits and jogging suits
  • Metal golf spikes – Linden is a soft spike only facility.

Men’s shirts must have a collar and shall be tucked in at all times except shirts with square-cut bottoms. Mock turtleneck style golf shirts are acceptable. Ladies’ shirts must have a collar or sleeves.

Levi’s style jean pants may be worn from November 1st through March 31st. Jeans must be clean and in good repair.

*Members are responsible for the proper attire and conduct of their guests.*  Pro Shop staff members have been assigned the responsibility of enforcing this dress code by the Board of Directors. Questions should be referred to the Board of Directors.

Use of Practice Areas:

  • Professionals have priority use of the practice area for golf instruction.
  • Users must pick up all balls and leave the practice area in good condition.
  • Junior members must give way to adult members.

April – September Course Schedule

Monday – Course opens at 10:00 AM; Open play all day

Tuesday – Ladies only until 12:00 noon; Open play after 12:00 noon

Wednesday – Course opens at 7:30 AM;

     Ladies & Juniors must tee off/turn by 2:00 PM on Men’s Nights*

           *Men’s Nights:  May 1 through August 28, 2019

Thursday – Course opens at 7:30 AM; Open play. Ladies have right-of-way until 10:00 AM.

           *Ladies’ Nights: June 6 through August 29, 2019

Friday –    Course opens at 7:30 AM; Open play

Saturday – Course opens at 7:30 am for open play during the month of April; 7:45 am shotgun May thru September; Open play at 12:30 PM or when course is safely clear

Sunday – Course opens at 7:30 AM; Open play

October – March Play Schedule

Monday – Course opens at 11:00 AM; Open play

Tuesday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play

Wednesday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play

Thursday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play

Friday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play

Saturday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play

Sunday – Course opens at 8:00 AM; Open play