*All lessons are by appointment, public welcome*

Meet Our Professionals

Ben Nelson

PGA Class A Professional

Ben Nelson, a 2008 graduate of Puyallup High School, brings a life of competitive golf experiences to each of his lessons. He was winner of the Seattle Amateur in 2011, the Tacoma City Amateur in 2012 and played collegiate golf at both Olympic College and Western New Mexico University. These experiences help him relate to the problems his students face. Ben also uses knowledge of body mechanics and testing to understand the ways each students body is built to work.  This allows him to build a simple and effective blueprint to help each golfer achieve their goals, based on their physical capabilities.  

To reach Ben for lessons call: (253) 227-4183 or

email: benbnelson08@gmail.com

Adult lessons, 45 minutes

  • Single Lesson – $120

  • Series of 6 – $600*

Junior Lessons, 45 minutes

  • Single Lesson – $100

  • Series of 6 – $500*

Group Lesson, (2-4 Adults), 1 hour

  • Single lesson $140

  • Series of 6 – $700*

Group Lesson, (2-4 Juniors), 1 hour

  • Single Lesson $120

  • Series of 6 – $600*

Coaching Program (3 lessons/month, 4 month minimum)

  • Adult – $270/month

  • Junior – $225/month

*All lesson series must be used within one year of purchase*

At Linden we also offer a variety of group classes including:

PGA Junior League: This is a program for junior golfers ages 6-17. Golfers participate in 1 hour group practices and play in 9-hole matches utilizing a scramble format. Junior golfers of all ability levels are encouraged to participate. To sign up click the link below


Operation 36: Operation 36 is not a short-term clinic or camp, it’s a developmental program designed to take someone from their first round and guide them to being able to shoot par (36) or better from a full tee box. The Operation 36 Program Model consists of 3 items that are essential for a beginner program to have if the end goal is to create a golfer. If any of these are removed, it makes it much more challenging for a participant to have what they need to be successful.

  1. Playing Golf – In Op 36, beginners play their first 9 holes as a part of the program using our proprietary on-course model. Instead of playing a full-regulation course, all golfers start in Division 1 and play 9 holes from 25 yards from the hole. It is called Operation 36 because the goal is to try and shoot 36 (par or better), to progress back to Division 2 (50 Yards) from the hole. This continues through 10 Standard yardage divisions. All scores are tracked by coaches and individuals in the Op 36 Technology. This keeps golfers motivated through automated and achievable milestones which highlight every stroke improved on the golfer’s journey. Coaches can print reports to show golfers their progress year after year.
  2. Weekly Group Classes – To complement playing golf, participants attend a weekly class designed for them to learn and train their skills in a fun group format. These classes can be run all season long because of the structure of the Long-Term Curriculum.
  3. Encouraging Technology – Outside of the classes and 9-hole events, participants deserve to have tools and education to guide them on their golf journey. The Operation 36 mobile app provides a community and gamified-based technology that centralizes everything the golfer and coaches need to be successful.”

Linden Summer Junior Golf Camps

Our Linden Summer Junior Golf Camps are four day classes, Monday through Thursday, from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  We will run three to four separate sessions throughout the summer. Dates for the classes will be posted when we get closer to summer and all sign ups can be done through Ben Nelson, or by calling the Linden Pro Shop. Ben can be reached at 253-227-4183 and the Linden Pro Shop can be reached at 253-845-2056.