Trackman Studio

In addition to our beautiful golf course, our members enjoy an indoor Trackman 4 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator located in our clubhouse.  This amazing tool provides enhanced practice and instruction opportunities with the latest and best technology available in the golf industry.  You can even play great courses like Pebble Beach on a rainy day!  Contact Will or Ben to schedule a lesson on Trackman.


Warm-Up Net

For general warm-up before your round we have a large driving net with 4 hitting stations. Hit balls to your heart’s content with any club in the bag.


Wedge Range & Short Game Area

It has been proven that at least 70% of your shots occur from 100 yards and in – This means you can turn any round into a great one with a solid short game.

One of the best features of our practice area is an 80-yard pitching range to a target green with 2 flag placements. The range is marked every 10 yards out to 80 yards. The undulated target green requires precise wedge shots. The green also features a practice bunker in a protected position so that more than one person can practice at a time.

Just above the pitching range we have a large practice putting green with 9 hole locations. The green is smooth and true and perfect for challenging your friends to a putting match.

Next to the first tee and the Pro Shop is a chipping and putting green with 3 hole locations. It’s perfect for up-and-down practice or the rare occasion you have to wait for the first tee.