Golf PT Class Resources

As a supplement to our Physical Therapy for Golfers Program, we are providing you with some online resources courtesy of Physical Therapist Michael Huffington.

~~Warm Up Exercises For Golfers~~

~~Wrist & Arm Strengthening~~ (use access code DJHPXV4Q)

~~Shoulder Strengthening~~ (use access code RBEQRR3J)

~~Wrist & Arm Stretches~~ (use access code H6JBQA6H)

~~Mid-Back & Shoulder Mobility~~ (use access code ZHDFPHJG)

~~Stabilization Exercises~~ (use access code R2DQAN6H )

~~Lower Back~~ (use access code QWEHCKCB)

NOTE: If you keep reloading the same exercise page, sign out in the lower left hand corner. Then enter the code for the set of exercises you wish to use.