2017 Bombay Tournament

We are now taking entries for this year’s Bombay Tournament.  Make sure you sign up with your partner ASAP — entries close at noon on July 19th.  



·       2 Player teams may be comprised of 2 men, 2 women or man/woman combo (must be 18 years old)

·       Handicap Spread – Maximum of 7 Strokes between partners (Applied prior to adjustment outlined in USGA Handicap Manual, Section 3.5)

·       Best Ball competition.  Men receive 90% of their Course Handicap, Women receive 95% of their Course Handicap (strokes where they fall).

·       All players shall play Black-Blue Tees (Women’s Course Handicaps shall be adjusted according to the steps outlined in the USGA Handicap Manual, Section 3.5)

·       Must have an established GHIN handicap at Linden.  As a condition of competition, each player must have five 18-hole rounds posted in 2017 (as of July 15th handicap revision).

·       Maximum of 36 teams (3 Divisions – if applicable)

·       Traditional red, white & blue pins will be used

·       Golf course will be closed to all non-participants until all Bombay groups are finished


·       $80 per team entry fee covers food costs for all 3 days.

·       Entry fee must be paid at time of sign up–no pay, no entry.  Entries due by noon on July 19th.

·       Optional KP’s in divisions – payment to be collected at time of tournament.  $20 per team covers both days.

Team Auction

·       The team auction will be held on Thursday, July 20th.  Spouses, significant others, and non-tournament players are welcome.  Must be 18 to attend.

·       Team bidding will be done in randomly drawn order.  A representative from each team, if not both players, should be present at the auction.

·       Minimum opening bid will be $200 for each team.  Raises to bids will be in $50 increments.

·       Team owner, if not the team, is obligated to sell up to 50% ownership back to the team if requested prior to the first tee time on Saturday, July 22nd.

·       Payment for team purchases MUST be made on Thursday, July 20th before you leave the auction.  Cash is preferred, although checks will be accepted if made out to “Cash.”

Team Raffle

·       In addition to the team auctions, a separate team raffle will be held.  Immediately after a team is auctioned off, a ticket holder will be drawn.  That ticket holder becomes the owner of that team for the raffle.

·       Tickets for the raffle will be sold only on Social Night (Thursday).

·       Tickets will be $1 each or $20 for 25 tickets.

·       Total amount in each pot will be determined by the amount of total sales divided into the same number of team divisions.  Each division will pay 3 places using the percentages shown below.


·       Payouts will be by division (Number of entries determines divisions)

·       All scoring will be net.

·       Each division will have three (3) payouts as follows:

o   1st place             50% of division pot

o   2nd place            30% of division pot

o   3rd place            20% of division pot

·       In the event of a tie for any place, a sudden death playoff will take place beginning on hole #8.  Handicaps shall be applied as they fall on the Linden scorecard.

·       Please note that all cash payouts will be made available on Wednesday, July 26th.  This provides the Committee an appropriate amount time to audit score cards, settle rules disputes, ensure the accuracy of all payouts, give checks time to clear, and proper change to be made.