2017 Winter Eclectic


Our popular Winter Eclectic is almost here – Competition starts Sunday, February 5th and runs through Saturday, April 1st.  Entry fee is $40 including skins.


How It Works:
-You must “declare” each round to the Pro Shop before you begin play.
– Play one round of 18 holes each week for 8 weeks.  Each week runs Sunday through Saturday.
-The days are short this time of year; you may declare two separate 9 hole rounds during a week to complete your front and back nine.
– Don’t worry if you miss a week; most players will naturally miss a week or two, and there is no minimum requirement.  Even getting in 9 holes helps your chances.
– Your lowest score occurring on each hole during any round over the 8 weeks will be used to compile one 18-hole score (aka “Ringer”).  Gross and Net prizes will be awarded in at least 2 handicap divisions plus a separate 60+ Senior Division playing the Blue/White tees.  Main prize payout will be Pro Shop credit and skins will be paid in cash.  Handicaps will be assigned using the February 1 revision.
– This competition is a great way to tune up for the golfing season:  Pro-Ams start in March and the Linden Masters is in April.