Board Election Results

The Board of Directors elections results were released at our Annual Meeting last night. Before we spill the beans, several big THANK YOUs are in order:

  • Thank you to our outgoing Board Members: Tom Gerhard, Scott Kellogg, Mark Reynolds, and Sheldon Lessard
  • Thank you to those Board Members entering the 2nd or 3rd year of their term: Paul Green, Teri Hislop, Pat Keaton, Tom Kennedy, Jason Lewis, Brian Pease, Jim Victor, and Bob Wiebusch.
  • Thank you to everyone who cared enough to throw their name in the hat as a candidate: Rick Brunaugh, Scott Byers, Mark Dinham, Greg Jones, Dick Lawson, Rob Lewis, Carla Pistilli, Roland Ramirez, and John Welch. We are lucky as a club to have 9 candidates with this much to offer!
  • Your 4 members newly elected to the Board of Directors are Rick Brunaugh, Scott Byers, Greg Jones, and Carla Pistilli. Please be sure to take some time to engage our new (and current) Board Members. They can’t represent the membership effectively unless they know what you want as a member! Please show them plenty of support as it tends to be a thankless job without a 401K!
  • We also need to acknowledge the hard work of our Elections Committee: Pat Keaton, Ron Hovey, and Tom Smillie. Thank you gentlemen, it couldn’t have happened without you!