SHS – A 30-Year Tradition Continues

The Sumner High School Golf Team (2010 SPSL Champions) is beginning a new season in hopes of bring another championship to our community. The Sumner golf team will continue the 30 year tradition of competition at Linden, holding golf practices each Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday after 3 PM.

The coaching staff has worked very hard to instill traditional golf values and etiquette upon the team members. Each member of the team has been instructed to give our members the right-of-way, maintain an appropriate pace of play, and to always leave the golf course better than they found it.

The Sumner Golf squads (both girls and boys) are involved in work projects and other helpful activities around the Club to show their appreciation. Activities scheduled by the team include sanding parties and cart wash days.

These local area young men and women may someday become Linden members,too.