Fun Day Just That!

The Linden Golf and Country Club annual Fun Day was held on Sunday, July 31st.

This event features competitions including a target hitting contest, chipping test, putting/obstacle course, “splash for cash” match and a cross-country full- size golf course.

The layout features forced tree -carries, blind shots, unknown yardages to unusual greens and strange angles to the flagsticks. An example of the type of “archi-torture” employed in this format had the players teeing off from the far back (Blue) tees on our # 5 hole and holing out their ball on the #3 green! This hole measured some 456 yards and features a forced water carry in approaching the green.

The Hislops (Mark and Teri) mastered the Cross Country course and won the event.

Winners in the other contests included Ben Hedin, John Duthie and others.

Caroline O’Leary won the KP contest with a fine shot.

A good, old fahioned BBQ , thanks to the Seelyes (Debbie and Scott) and Mark Howard/Sheldon Lessard (board member/Linden Club President)) was provided to all.

Weather was provided by the Big Guy and it was perfect!

All in all, a good time was had by all.

Thanks goes to Thane and his crew for all their hard work in preparing the facility for our use.

Thanks also to my crew, Will, Carl, Patrick and Tony all were of indispenable help in the preparation and administration of Fun Day @ Linden.